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Cross Dragonoid (クロス・ドラゴノイド) is a Bakugan and the evolution of Neo Dragonoid. He was Dan's Guardian Bakuganbefore he evolved into Helix Dragonoid. Cross Dragonoid has four wings like Lumino Dragonoid, in the form of a cross, four fingers and its front limbs are separated from the wings. The green diamond on its chest from its previous form is still kept, only its color changed to blue, similar to Infinity Dragonoid. His ball form is similar to his previous stage Neo Dragonoid. He has a huge back spike like Delta Dragonoid and his tail is a modified form of Neo Dragonoid's. His head also has more horns than before. He can spin like Neo Dragonoid. Also in episode 31, it was revealed that he can become Maxus Cross Dragonoid as well. He actually has some abilities that are from when he was Neo Dragonoid, but the names were changed a little and a little bit stronger. He was possibly holding the Pyrus Energy in his Perfect Core Diamond.

Ability Cards
  • Superior Shield: Nullifies the opponent's ability and adds 200 Gs to Cross Dragonoid.
  • Fire Reflector: Reflects the opponent's ability.
  • Shooting Dragon: Adds 500 Gs to Cross Dragonoid.
  • Dragon Shield: Nullifies the opponent's ability, adds 300 Gs to Cross Dragonoid and adds 200 Gs to every other Bakugan on your team.
  • Spinning Tornado: Brings the opponent's power level back to their base level.
  • Burning Infinity: Subtracts 500 Gs from each opponent and adds 600 Gs to Cross Dragonoid. (Perfect Core)
  • Maximum Maxus Dragon: Transfers 500 Gs from the opponent to Cross Dragonoid. (Perfect Core)
  • Shooting Tornado: Transfers 600 Gs from the opponent to Cross Dragonoid.

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