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I dont know how they win this. But whe I've to wait untill tomorrow an next saturday then is it clear. On the wiki wrote a moron. That Dan is seduced by cordegon an that he abdomen the brawlers an drago. an that Dan killed people. An that shun saves maroucho and mira form cordegon. I read that on wiki an I dont believe such thing because Dan never Kills People, he never let Drago down, an He is the leader of the brawlers so he will never leave them. they are part of the familly. could you imagen how Shun will react again. He is complete gonna crazy an marucho too. But I think they find a way to defeat mechtavius Destroyer. Im curious what they will do! And how it ends the finale season!. Will Drago give up his life to protect an save everyone?Or will one of the Brawlers Die?Or the Bakugan? Which one is gonna be? This stays a mystery!.

Everyone must watch so much as they can. if they do this that can break the record on youtube.

Plz everyone do this. watch tomorrow night 1:00 Bakugan Mechtanium surge 43,44,45 on youtube or on the Animesite. Ill say Youtube. An break the record. cuz this arre the semi-finale mostly episode 45.

O dont wasting to find it or dont ask when is online. just wait after 1:00 in the night

I beg I beg. plzz. do it :)

Men Im so Pumped up.